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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Quiet man

Quiet and reserved, unlike busy passer-bys on the streets and in the shops. All plastic to him, covered in thick make up, dressed in the latest magazine fashion, speaking in endless buzz words. They are like trees to him, something to look at only from the outside, and perfect as a backdrop. He speaks to himself alot, his mind and voice are his only companions. He arranges and shelves groceries in a supermart by day and stays in his one bedroom unit by night. No one talks to him because they could never understand him. Very quickly, they looked upon him as a mute, as someone who listens, receives orders but never gives any and they were very pleased at that. With severe bout of apathy, people sometimes find him cold and unresponsive. They sometimes wonder what went on in his mind and if he had any emotions at all or if he was just simply tired all the time. Despite being obedient and next to mute, he was often the conversation topic of his colleagues at lunch. "It's better to be wary of him", one would say. "You really don't know what kind of a strange person he really is inside".

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