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Friday, April 21, 2006

Perfection or nothing

If I found a job, a project, an idea or a person I wanted – I’d have to depend on the whole world. Everything has strings leading to everything else. We’re all so tied together. We’re all in a net, the net is waiting and we’re pushed into it by one single desire. You want a thing and it is precious to you. Do you know who is standing there ready to tear it out of your hands? You can’t know, it may be so involved and so far away, but someone is ready, and you’re afraid of them all. And you cringe and you crawl and you beg and you accept them – just so they’ll let you keep it. And look at whom you’ve come to accept.

Our idea of mankind in general – We all have a sort of vague, glowing picture when we say that, something solemn, big and important. But actually, all we know of it is the people we meet in our lifetime. Look at them; do you know any you’d feel big and solemn about? There’s nothing but housewives haggling their pushcarts, drooling brats who write dirty words on the sidewalks, and drunken debutantes. Or their spiritual equivalent. As a matter of fact, one can feel some respect for people when they suffer. They have a certain dignity. But have you ever looked at them when they’re enjoying themselves? That’s when you see the truth. Look at those who spend the money they’ve slaved for – at amusement parks and side shows. Look at those who are rich and have the whole world open to them. Observe what they pick out for enjoyment. Watch them in the smarter speak-easies. That’s your mankind in general. I don’t want to touch it.

Is it an inspiring sight to see a man commit a heroic gesture, and then learn that he goes to vaudeville shows for relaxation? Or see a man who’s painted a magnificent canvas – and learn that he spends his time sleeping with every slut he meets?

The only desire one can permit oneself of is freedom. To ask for nothing, depend on nothing and expect nothing.

Perfection or nothing.

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